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Gabriela Herstik is a writer, fashion alchemist and witch. Through her work with Nylon, i-D, Broadly, The Numinous, Sabat Magazine and more, Gabriela has made a name for herself as a fashion critic and writer with a penchant for combining spirituality, style and storytelling.

With her  "Ask a Witch" column for Nylon, Gabriela answers questions about channeling ancient wisdom in the modern age. From spellcraft to finding your path, she explores what it means to be a millennial witch.

With her book Gabriela explores what it means to be a millennial witch in a more in-depth way. In "Inner Witch: A Modern Guide to the Ancient Craft"/ "Craft: How To Be A Modern Witch," Gabriela unlocks the ancient art of witchcraft so that you can find a brand of magick that works for you. Inner Witch is out now in the US, and Craft is out in the UK.

Gabriela also has a goddess column on Chakrubs, where she explores different facets of the divine feminine through worship, creating altars, rituals, and meditations. She leads classes around exploring this aspect of the divine, helping women embody the goddess within as they expire this ancient archetype.

By approaching fashion, glamour and the occult from an intersectional lens, Gabriela offers a deeper sense of empowerment to readers. Whether she’s writing a collection review, a ritual spell for self-love, or spot-lighting women and femme artists fighting the patriarchy, Gabriela knows that every word holds magick, but adding a little glamour to the mix never hurts.










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