Why is it so damn hard to receive?

Let me just start this blog post by saying that I’m currently sitting in the airport, four hours before my flight back to Los Angeles from Mexico City. After losing my immigration form and missing my first flight I’m faced with a few hours to spare and a clear head to finally write this. Interpol…

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Welcome to the Temple of Glamour

It’s here. The temple has been erected and we stand as your Priestesses, ready to guide you into the energy of alchemical glamour and Venus worship. Welcome to the Temple of Glamour, where sea foam tastes like roses and the Goddess whispers in tulle and silk. Ivory Woods and I are your guides, and all…

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NYLON Never Dies

I was on my way to San Bernardino to cover the High + Low Festival for NYLON digital when I read the news. NYLON print was shutting down. There would be no more NYLON magazine. As soon as I heard, I called my friend Miranda, wiping tears with one hand in what felt like a…

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What’s in an awakening, anyway?

Why is that when we need external validation for something we already know internally, we tend to feel dissatisfied with what we’re given? ¬†Or at least like we’re looking for something *more*. This air of comparison is dangerous (and I’m a Scorpio Moon so I know all about that for real!) When we compare our…

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Happy Friday y’all!! I hope it’s been a good one. I’m here to tell you some exciting news that you probably guessed from the title but *drumroll please*… I’m writing a book! And not just any book…a book on witchcraft! It will be out next spring (or early summer) and will cover everything from the…

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Same, same but different

After months and months of getting this site together, it’s finally done. And as this project was finally coming to fruition, I realized something; more than anything else, I missed having a blog. It seems ironic, right? I started Breathing Fashion in 2009 as a way to hone in on my fashion writing. Its very…

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